We made ourselves a mountain and called it EverRush.

We're Josh and Kacey, the mobile games-making husband and wife duo behind EverRush Entertainment's Scaling EverRush podcast. Our friends and family tired of us talking about ourselves all the time and suggested we take our chatter somewhere that cares… like the Internet. You guys and gals care, right? Good. Just click that Subscribe button, and you're good to go. Scaling EverRush is all about the gooey tech stuff we do. Also, it is about cars and pizza and other assorted goodness. If you find yourself hungry at the end of one of our podcasts, there's good reason. We usually record Scaling EverRush on an empty stomach, and just like you shouldn't go shopping at the supermarket on an empty stomach, one should not record a podcast on an empty stomach. Grab front row seats now for each episode as we scale our personal Mount EverRush. We look forward to seeing you from the top!

Statistical Anomalies


Man, are we full of it in this episode! We tell you why we expertly launched Pixic days earlier than we wanted. Josh takes us way back to the inception of the Internet then the World Wide Web then Facebook. We lament our silly bugs, in-app purchases, and promo codes. We act like we don't know anything about our Pixic stats. We go to Disneyland to eat. We go to our neighborhood Asia to eat. We talk about everything that has to do with nothing that has to do with EverRush, but we love every moment of it.

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